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We are a small group of volunteers that wanted to do something to help our furry friends in Adams County Ohio. We started transporting dogs from the Adams County Dog Pound to Veterinary Hospitals and to Rescues. It's really been a rewarding experience to help these dogs, and now cats, get a second chance to have a good life in a loving home. You can follow us on Facebook and check out what we are doing and what we have accomplished!


We also are happy to announce that we have a FB page for our rescue efforts in Adams County Ohio. We do our best to keep it updated. Check us out on ACORN Adams County Ohio Rescue Network.



Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Adams County Puppy Project in Ohio

The Adams County Puppy Project in Ohio: litters of pups and their mommas or abandoned pups, or ultra pregnant dogs, don't go into the pound. They go to the HS farm. They get loved and cared for, get wormed and vaccinated, and fed high quality puppy food. When they are old enough for rescue/adoption, they get posted. We have lots of approved rescues wanting healthy puppies. Lots of times, these rescues have the pups spayed/neutered at the Rascal Unit clinics that come to Adams every month or we get our local vet to do it, before they get transported. Or, the rescues S/N the pups upon arrival. These puppies and mommas would most likely get sick if they were at the pound. Most of the mommas get rescued with their pups. Most of the pups have all gone to rescue and there is room for more at the farm. There have been as many as 50! The HS also works with other shelters and takes in puppies. The Humane Society does not make a profit from the puppies. They have donations and grants that cover most expenses. Rescues often reimburse for vetting, too. We give the puppies and mommas the best chance for having a happy life. We are interested in helping your puppies!
To see the puppies and mommas we have available for rescue/adoption, please look at our album on FB.


Read more about the Adams County Puppy Project:


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


 Please read this article about our new Humane Society shelter, and then watch the video. You will understand how much work and how long we have waited to make this dream come true! Thanks to everyone for your support!

Dogs will have another shelter in Adams County as well as the continued protection by the Adams County Dog Warden Paul Hughes, according to Adams County Humane Society reports. The new facility will also take cats, once it is operational this summer.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I WOULD LIKE TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT. LSPT will NOT transport to an unapproved rescue or use an unapproved transport. Anyone interested in helping us rescue dogs from Adams County has to be approved by our Humane Officer, Christine Troutman. You can be preapproved by sending all of your info to mountjoyfarm1@frontier.com Our main goal is the safety of our dogs and pups! We want them to be loved and cared for while they wait for their new forever home!
Thank You!