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We are a small group of volunteers that wanted to do something to help our furry friends in Adams County Ohio. We started transporting dogs from the Adams County Dog Pound to Veterinary Hospitals and to Rescues. It's really been a rewarding experience to help these dogs, and now cats, get a second chance to have a good life in a loving home. You can follow us on Facebook and check out what we are doing and what we have accomplished!


We also are happy to announce that we have a FB page for our rescue efforts in Adams County Ohio. We do our best to keep it updated. Check us out on ACORN Adams County Ohio Rescue Network.



Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yesterday was another fun day in transporting! First of all, let me say that we were hosting two very cute puppies that were rescued by a friend of ours. He found them dumped out on a back road and took them home. We picked them up on our way home from transporting with the loud Volvo. Our Boxer girl, Cici, wanted to play with them and decided she was too big, so she became their nanny and watched their every move and nosed them around where she thought they shouldn't be. It was very cute to watch. I was watching MASH that evening so we named the pup with the one blue eye, Hawkeye, and his little brother, Radar. While Ed was getting the exhaust fixed, Hawkeye found his forever home with one of the mechanics. We kept Radar one more night and enjoyed his antics and found that he was very content just to be a lapdog.  I took a few pics of him and showed my friend who was getting more puppies on Saturday's transport. She quickly decided that Radar could go, too! We were asked to help get Nancy, the Aussie shepherd mix, to the vet for her health certificate. So, I got ready for my mud bath and put on my new rubber boots. The farm is very muddy after a few days of rain. The kennel where Nancy was being kept was in a lower spot and of course she was covered with mud, too. Plus she's a little hyper and liked to jump on me, too! I was splattered and splotched in no time! We got her to the vet and back without incident and put her in another kennel in the carport. She will go on transport today with Tom the Redtick Coon Hound, Radar, the Collie/Husky mix pup, and another Collie mix pup. We had help arranging this transport because of our car problems. We're so thankful we have made so many good friends who are there to help us out! I decided to fill in at work all weekend to get more money for our car repairs. I don't know if I'll stay up till midnight or not! 

Happy New Year!!!

UPDATE: Radar went to his new forever home today with a houseful of kids that adore him! He was last seen scampering and playing happily with them in their yard! We're so happy for our little Radar!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Car Woes Continue! But, It's Another Adventure!!

Yesterday was another day of adventure for LSPT! When I got home Tuesday evening and pulled in the garage, the tailpipe separated from the muffler and got loud on the old Volvo wagon. We drove it like that to pick up Nancy at the pound! It was deafening! While we were at the pound, we found out that Hawk had a rescue, so we pulled him, too. I forgot my boots to wear at the Humane Society of Adams County farm and had to borrow a pair so I could take the dogs to their kennel. I was splattered head to toe when I got finished! The dogs can stay there in safety, until we get their transports finalized. We stopped for lunch at McDonald's, where I cleaned up a little, and then headed to a friend's house to pick up 2 puppies. The puppies are so cute and they were sharing a big kennel with 2 pigmy goats! They all slept piled up together the night before. I would have liked to have had a pic of that! I was so glad to get home and out of that noisy Volvo! We kept the puppies overnight and had lots of fun with them, until they woke us up at 3 am! We managed to get them cleaned up and settled down so we could get back to sleep. They will go to the Puppy Project at the HSAC farm, today. I found out this am that some of my transport worries had all been taken care of thanks to our wonderful friends! We couldn't have done these next transports without you! We're trying to get some car repairs done today. Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It doesn't look good for our SUV, folks! I don't know when we will get it all fixed and back on the road. The warranty ran out 5000 miles ago, so we will have to pay the bill. This all means that we can't do any long distance transports for awhile. Our other car is only safe for local traveling. Thanks for understanding! We'll still try to do what we can to help our Adams County dogs get to safety.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We were interviewed for the local newspaper!

I'm happy to announce that we were interviewed by our local newspaper about what we do for Adams County! Please take a few minutes and read the article about us! Thanks Karen Stein and The Ledger Independent of Maysville, Ky for helping spread the word about our Adams County dogs in need!!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Humane Society of Adams County, Inc. New Facebook Page

The Humane Society of Adams County, Inc. is proud to announce that they have a new Facebook page.
For the last 5 years the Humane Society has been helping save the animals of Adams County Ohio. Now they have a new Facebook page to help keep everyone informed on events, information, and animals in need. Volunteers of the county had been using the Adams County Dog Pound site to keep everyone up to date on dogs and puppies in the pound, but have found a greater need to expand their efforts to include the whole county and all animals in need. We will still be working on helping out the dog pound as much as we can. We will continue posting on the new site about the dogs of the pound and puppies of the Adams County Puppy Project 
http://www.maysville-online.com/news/local/article_e8fcd63c-03fd-11e1-835e-001cc4c03286.html , as well as other dogs that are being cared for by the Humane Society and their fosters. We will also be posting info about the other animals in need throughout the county. The Humane Society has many cats, kittens, and other small domestic animals in foster care. They also continue to rescue and care for farm animals in need: horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, cows, goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, etc. We are so excited to be able to let you know about this new Facebook page and we welcome you to join us and continue to support our efforts! Thanks!

The Adams County Dog Pound is always in need of food supplies, collars, leashes, kennels, and cleaning supplies: bleach, Dawn detergent, paper towels, garbage bags, old towels, and blankets. These can be dropped off during hours of operation located behind the Adams County Garage across from Walmart in West Union, Ohio.
Paul Hughes: Dog Warden
Mon-Fr 11:00- 1:00
Sat-Sun 9:00-11:00

The Humane Society is always in need of the same items, but they also need hay, straw, cedar chips, grain/feed, and cat litter.
Contact Christine or Ericka about where to deliver these items. Monetary donations are always accepted for all items mentioned including vaccines and vetting services.

The Humane Society of Adams County is still raising funds for the building of a new shelter. Please watch the video and give generously.


The ground breaking ceremony will be April 25,2012.
Donate through Paypal: adamshumaneagent@yahoo.com

Christine Troutman: Humane Society of Adams County, Inc. Officer

Ericka Burke: Kennel Manager


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pets For People

Lickety Split Pet Transport came to the aid of the Humane Society of Adams County on Friday Dec. 2, 2011, by volunteering to go pick up dog and cat food donations in Columbus, Ohio. My husband and I borrowed the Humane Society truck early on a frosty, foggy Friday morning and drove to Columbus with no heat! We were advised to dress warmly and we took them seriously! Once we got to the pick up location, got our number, drove to the loading point, and saw our three pallets of dog and cat food, we knew we were in trouble. The pick-up truck with cap would not accommodate those pallets! We had to have the pallets moved to the side where we could break them down and load the truck manually! My husband is disabled and I had just come off of working a 12 hour night shift! We rallied ourselves to face up to our task and while he cut apart the loads and opened boxes with his pocket knife, I started packing boxes till they were very full and loaded the truck. I was crawling in around on the truck bed where there had been a recent load of rescued goats and some of the used straw and droppings were still there! I ignored this and started stacking and arranging all of the food. We had to also pile it up behind the seats. And, we were told that we had to break down the empty boxes and take them with us! We got it all to fit and had a little spare room for more. We couldn't have gotten all of this done without the aid of other Rescues that were also picking up their donations. Most of them had trailers and larger trucks to use and when they saw our plight, they jumped in and helped us. We thank them all so very much for everything!! We made a lot of new friends and helped others finish loading, too. We stayed and talked and helped till everyone had been loaded. Our return ride was more pleasant with the warmth from the afternoon sun shining through the windows to keep us warm. We had a wonderful lunch at Bob Evans, filled the truck up with gas, and arrived back at the farm. We talked with Christine, the Humane Officer, who was recovering from pneumonia, and played with the dogs and pups she keeps on her farm. We got home around 4 pm and we both crashed in bed after checking our messages and making arrangements for dinner. I slept through the night till the next morning and got up early and went back to work. All in all, we had another successful adventure that helped our furry friends in need!

The Purina® Pet for People™ Donation Distribution Program has already distributed Purina® Brand Pet Food in 41 States in 2011