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We are a small group of volunteers that wanted to do something to help our furry friends in Adams County Ohio. We started transporting dogs from the Adams County Dog Pound to Veterinary Hospitals and to Rescues. It's really been a rewarding experience to help these dogs, and now cats, get a second chance to have a good life in a loving home. You can follow us on Facebook and check out what we are doing and what we have accomplished!


We also are happy to announce that we have a FB page for our rescue efforts in Adams County Ohio. We do our best to keep it updated. Check us out on ACORN Adams County Ohio Rescue Network.



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Car Woes Continue! But, It's Another Adventure!!

Yesterday was another day of adventure for LSPT! When I got home Tuesday evening and pulled in the garage, the tailpipe separated from the muffler and got loud on the old Volvo wagon. We drove it like that to pick up Nancy at the pound! It was deafening! While we were at the pound, we found out that Hawk had a rescue, so we pulled him, too. I forgot my boots to wear at the Humane Society of Adams County farm and had to borrow a pair so I could take the dogs to their kennel. I was splattered head to toe when I got finished! The dogs can stay there in safety, until we get their transports finalized. We stopped for lunch at McDonald's, where I cleaned up a little, and then headed to a friend's house to pick up 2 puppies. The puppies are so cute and they were sharing a big kennel with 2 pigmy goats! They all slept piled up together the night before. I would have liked to have had a pic of that! I was so glad to get home and out of that noisy Volvo! We kept the puppies overnight and had lots of fun with them, until they woke us up at 3 am! We managed to get them cleaned up and settled down so we could get back to sleep. They will go to the Puppy Project at the HSAC farm, today. I found out this am that some of my transport worries had all been taken care of thanks to our wonderful friends! We couldn't have done these next transports without you! We're trying to get some car repairs done today. Wish us luck!!!

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