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We are a small group of volunteers that wanted to do something to help our furry friends in Adams County Ohio. We started transporting dogs from the Adams County Dog Pound to Veterinary Hospitals and to Rescues. It's really been a rewarding experience to help these dogs, and now cats, get a second chance to have a good life in a loving home. You can follow us on Facebook and check out what we are doing and what we have accomplished!


We also are happy to announce that we have a FB page for our rescue efforts in Adams County Ohio. We do our best to keep it updated. Check us out on ACORN Adams County Ohio Rescue Network.



Tuesday, January 17, 2012


On this cold rainy Tuesday afternoon, I will tell you the story of my old '95 Volvo 850. We have been lucky to find and buy several cars and trucks on eBay. We drove to Pittsburgh and picked up this nice Volvo from the chef of the Harris Grill. I might add that the Rita Hayworth and the Pork Shank Redemption was exceptionally good!!! 

It's been a real good reliable car for our family. Of course, things do happen to cars that are used a lot! This picture will show you when I hit a deer on my way home from work one very foggy morning. You can see that the only damage was to the headlight! Old Volvos are like tanks, so stay out of the way, Bambi!!! I had no warning and couldn't avoid missing this poor deer!  Headlight fixed....check!

You can also see that I have a personalized license plate. It's a memorial to a couple of dear friends, Chris and Jody Bloomfield, who were killed in a car crash. We met them while we were roadies for a local metal band, Crowning Apathy. Chris played bass and Jody was a nurse. Chris started calling me Toast and soon that's what everyone called me! We helped put on an all day metal concert/benefit for Chris and Jody's 11 year old daughter. Most of us camped all night since we had a bit too much to drink. While sitting around the campfire, Thomas said I got "toasted" on the 1+ pitchers of margaritas, and laughed because my husband's name is Ed. So, we became Toast_Ed! That license plate name was already taken, so I settled for a backwards E. 

Now, that we are transporting our furry friends, we have come to rely on the old Volvo more and more, especially since our SUV is in the shop. We keep adding brake fluid and power steering fluid to keep it on the road. Then of course, the exhaust system came apart, and we had to hurry to get that fixed. The noise was deafening! Exhaust fixed....check! Now, we're waiting for a new windshield wiper motor. It decided to stop working last week, so now we can't drive in the rain or snow! UGH! 
UPDATE: Windshield wiper motor replaced and brake lines bled.....check!!!
UPDATE:2/18/2012 We got some good used parts for the Volvo. We got a rack and pinion for the steering problem and a master cylinder for the brake problem. Those are scheduled to be put on at the shop today. On the way to work this morning, we had a flat tire! So, we need tires!
UPDATE: Steering fixed....check! I forgot what good power steering was like! LOL Front tire replaced.....check!!!

Our Acura MDX is back at our local garage with the engine in pieces! We sent it to a dealer in Cincinnati to have the computer processor checked out and replaced, and the stupid mechanic stripped out a spark plug and damaged our engine. The dealership won't own up to damaging our Acura! Now, we need another engine! 

Oh how I would love to get all of our cars fixed! Even better yet, would be a nice van donation, so we can transport more of our furry friends safely!!

I'm very serious! Does anyone have a good used van to donate to us? We're going to try to win one with the Toyota give away. I don't know how our chances of winning will be. We're looking into it. In the mean time, we would love to hear from anyone with a generous soul and love for helping animals to contact us and give generously. We've had to turn down so many transports recently and we just want to get back on the road again! 
You can send us an email: lspt1123@gmail.com
Thanks For Everything!!!

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