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We are a small group of volunteers that wanted to do something to help our furry friends in Adams County Ohio. We started transporting dogs from the Adams County Dog Pound to Veterinary Hospitals and to Rescues. It's really been a rewarding experience to help these dogs, and now cats, get a second chance to have a good life in a loving home. You can follow us on Facebook and check out what we are doing and what we have accomplished!


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Owner Surrenders in Adams County Ohio

 A work in progress.... An Adams County Ohio man was arrested, Thursday 1/15/2014, and many dogs were found in his house. The owner has surrendered all of his dogs to the county. The house was in terrible shape with all of these dogs living in there. ACORN Adams County Ohio Rescue Network is helping the county take care of these dogs and puppies. The dog warden has been very busy with this case. He brought 6 female, 1 male, and 9 puppies (Shih Tzu) to one of our fosters. More dogs and puppies are still coming in. We need help to care for all of them until rescue can be found. Transportation and vetting costs are really taking a toll on our small organization. We need donations to help care and get these babies to rescue.

Please give what you can to help! Thank you!

You can follow the story as it unfolds on our Facebook page.

After talking with the dog warden, I've learned that the owner surrendered all of his dogs after he was arrested. There are more dogs being picked up today. There are 4 more Shih Tzus, a full blooded Boxer, and a Boxer/Pit Bull Terrier Mix. 22 dogs total that will need new homes. Please be patient as we get these dogs and puppies. They will be held for a couple of weeks to get evaluated, vetted, spayed, and neutered. We will post where to apply for adoption soon. Thanks for all of your help and generosity!

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